We Don't Repair Boats... But We Have Just About All You Need to do it
We can also supply your composite needs
for other industries such as automotive,
aviation, transportation, and swimming pools.

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The Fiberglass Experts

Eastern Burlap & Trading Co. is proud to offer the materials you need to build your dream boat. Whether you're building from scratch or if you only need certain parts or repairs, we are your top choice for boating supplies. Specializing in all aspects of fiberglass materials, supplies, resins, marine equipment and boat supplies, we distribute and market a large selection of fiberglass materials and supplies to the small shop, the hobbyist, and the home boat builder. From marine equipment and supplies to fiberglass products to plastic machinery, you'll find just what you need. As a family-owned and operated business, we will give you the personalized service you seek.
Yacht — Boating Supplies in Norfolk, VA
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We Cater to Individuals

Spend more time out on the water when you turn to Eastern Burlap & Trading Co. for all the boating supplies you need to build or repair your own boat.


We Cater to Businesses

Since 1926, we have been treating our customers like part of our family. We have all the materials your business needs build the best boats in the industry.


Buy in Volume

If you need larger quantities of boating materials, look no further than Eastern Burlap & Trading Co. We carry in stock a wide variety of boating supplies. Our supplies can also be used by auto body shop owners.

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When it comes to your boat, you need to make sure you work with a team that knows what they're doing. Visit us in Norfolk, Virginia or call 757-622-5914 today for more information on our marine supplies.